Taste at its Peak

The Red Prince Apple – Taste at its Peak

Wine is often distinguished from other consumables by its bouquet, colour, taste and finish, which are often improved through ageing.  Incredibly, this is also the case for Canada’s first true winter apple – the Red Prince.

Although they are tasty when harvested, something magical happens when they are cellared after a fall harvest like fine wine until the New Year comes.  While they sleep, their flavour and texture are enhanced as the natural sugars and acids mature to elevate the eating experience of this premium apple.  When the Red Prince awakes from its beauty rest, this fragrant deep red apple has a tangy sweet taste and crunchy bite that everyone will enjoy eating fresh. Because we only release Red Prince, when the “Taste’s At Its Peak”.

With a limited availability, Red Prince apples are similar to the release of an exclusive vintage. Over 150,000 cartons will make the trek from The Blue Mountains Ontario, on the shores of Georgian Bay to retailers all over North America during the winter season and will be available while supplies last.

Enjoyed in all sizes, we have just upgraded our award-winning bag with true innovation to be both biodegradable and recyclable. So now the apple and the packaging are better for the environment.

About the Red Prince Apple

The Red Prince is a premium winter apple that is only available from January to approximately mid-summer each year. They are Canadian grown, headquartered in the town of The Blue Mountains in Ontario. In line with our sustainability philosophy, we have now expanded Red Prince orchards into Quebec and the Maritimes to ensure this apple is grown locally wherever anyone wants to enjoy. Recognized for its antioxidant-rich red skin, Red Prince apples are ideal for fresh eating, in salads or in baking and pairs particularly well with sharp cheddars and blue cheeses.

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